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Our team has been at the forefront in the development of the concept of outsourcing of various aspects of Payroll and Accounting Outsourcing, Compliance Taxation Services, Internal Audit Services, Resource Outsourcing, Treasury Management and Financial & Business Planning.

We blend personalised service with best practice and innovative technology that helps our Outsourced Business Partners experience the true meaning of partnering. The Technology being used by our professionals allows us to surpass current Business Partner expectations. As will be shown in the detailed bios below, the practical experience gained in managing the entire Finance process for several companies, including outsourced clients, lends itself to genuine added value.

ARK Outsourcing Limited

Seamus J. Clarke

Managing Director, F.C.C.A., C.A., BSc (Hons).

Email: seamus.clarke@arkoutsourcing.com

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Nadine M. Constantine

Manager, Payroll Services & Administration

Email: nadine.constantine@arkoutsourcing.com

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Zayne C.M. Clarke

Assistant Manager, Accounting & Finance, A.C.C.A Affiliate, C.A., BSc. (Hons)

Email: zayne.clarke@arkoutsourcing.com

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Camela Sookhoo

Senior Supervisor, Payroll & Accounting, A.C.C.A Affiliate, C.A.

Email: camela.sookhoo@arkoutsourcing.com

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Adrielle Greig

Senior Associate, Internal Audit A.C.C.A. Affiliate, MSc, BSc.( First Class Hons)

Email: adrielle.greig@arkoutsourcing.com

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Franka Mendoza

Supervisor, Payroll Services

Email: franka.mendoza@arkoutsourcing.com

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